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Introduction to Operation for Large-scaled CFB Unit Contract Projects 2
Issued Time :2015-02-05 09:17:25

2 Introduction to Indonesia Labuhan Angin 2X115MW CFB Power Plant Project

Project Introduction:

Indonesian Labuhan Angin 2X115MW CFB coal-fired power plant project is a turnkey project of China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC). The power plant is with a 2X115MW coal-fired turbo generator unit with CFB boilers. The fuel is from BUKIT ASAM coal mine. The boiler adopts Foster Wheeler HP CFB drum boiler. The turbine is single-shaft, double-casing, double-exhaust and condensing type, which is produced by Shanghai Turbine Co. Ltd. The generator is manufactured by Shandong Jinan Fadian Shebei Chang.

Major Companies Participated in the Project:

* EPC Contractor: China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC)

* Design: Northeast Power Design Institute

* Installation:  Zhejiang Thermal Power Construction Company

* Commissioning: Zhejiang Thermal Power Construction Company

* Operation: O&M Power

* Performance Test: Harbin Power System Engineering and Research Institute Co. Ltd. of CNEEC (HPTC)

* Unit Initial Major Overhaul: The First Northeast Electric Power Engineering Co. Ltd.

O&M Power Indonesian Labuhan Angin 2X115MW coal fired power plant project has lasted for 32 months since 28th, Feb. 2008. Under the leadership of CMEC Labuhan Angin project divisions and the support from design, installation, commissioning departments and manufacture representatives, we have successfully completed all the operation and operation guidance in the milestones such as the chemical temporary system water production, urban transformer temporary power energization, normal power energization of transmission lines, boiler acid cleaning, boiler baking, pipe steam blowing, unit startup, dynamic commissioning, 4X168 hours trial running, performance test, unit operation, and initial unit overhaul. We have submitted 403 engineering contact sheets and 207 letters to PLN via CMEC. We have undertaken unit startup and shutdown for 120 times, common operation for thousands of times and troubleshooting for 55 times. We have processed 1501 pieces of work permits and 253 pieces of operation permits, of which the qualification is 100%. We have handled the power plant defects for 428 points and carried out first-aid repair for 17 times.         

Up to now, the two units are in stable operation. Till 7th, November, 2010, the power generation capacity is 1.4855 billion KWH in total. The power supplying capacity is 1.3749 billion KWH. Lbuhan Angin power plant has become the major force of Indonesia Sumatra Island. The stable commercial running of the unit not only brings about great economic and social benefits, but also lays a solid foundation to the final successful completion of the project.

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