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   Operation Service
Introduction to Operation Services
1.Contracting of Power Plant Operation Project
2.Technical Guidance of Power Plant Operation and Maintenance
3.Technical Service for Production Preparation and Operation of Power Plant
4.New Energy Power Plant and Biomass Power Plant Projects
Operation business contacts
    1.Contracting of Power Plant Operation Project

O&M Power offers various types power plant production services, including management of all equipment & staff within plant region (boundary line), and organization and implementation of daily production routines and operation management. O&M Power offers flexible services for meeting both long-term and short-term business cooperation requirements. O&M Power signs contract with power plant owner to clarify bilateral responsibilities and operation objective so as to provide satisfactory outsourcing services for power plant project investors. O&M Power mainly undertakes pulverized coal units of 600 MW or below, CFB units of 300 MW or below, oil fired units of 200 MW or below, various gas turbine & combined cycle power units, and operation and maintenance of various desulfurization facilities.

O&M Power has rich management experience in power plant operation and has professional team, which has ability of undertaking commissioning and later maintenance service of various power plants at the same time. With many years of technical accumulation and project experience, O&M Power masters the complicated technology of power production and operation thoroughly, meanwhile is capable of resolving the difficulties in the electric power production so as to provide strong guarantee for project quality and time limit of international power plant EPC project contracting.

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