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   Operation Service
Introduction to Operation Services
1.Contracting of Power Plant Operation Project
2.Technical Guidance of Power Plant Operation and Maintenance
3.Technical Service for Production Preparation and Operation of Power Plant
4.New Energy Power Plant and Biomass Power Plant Projects
Operation business contacts
    2.Technical Guidance of Power Plant Operation and Maintenance

Power Plant Operation Service refers to the safe operation service from the commencement of commissioning stage to the moment the plant is handed over to the owner. This service mode regarding to power generation and operation concluded and mastered by O&M Power after years of practical experience is a brand new business branch in the power industry. Along with the whole commissioning process, including not only operations during commissioning, but also the trial operation during whole set equipment startup and commissioning, the trail operation during performance test, the equipment custody, and operation before the unit is finally handed over to the owner. The business scope covers various unit scales and types, such as fossil fuel fired units, CFB units, oil fired, gas fired, hydropower, nuclear chemical, and other new energy units.

Aiming at the operation and maintenance of power plant, O&M Power has its own perfect position task management system for power plant EPC project. Moreover, O&M Power particularly pays attention to give master position to operation personnel because their comprehensive qualities decide the safety operation and operation status of equipment in power plant. Therefore, training power plant operation managers with the concept of all for units, equipment and master position is very important. The specific work arrangements are as follows:

Firstly, strengthen the master consciousness training to operator personnel in power plant:

(1) The responsible person of project should fully affirm the work value of operation and maintenance personnel in power plant to make them feel that their work is very important for the maintenance safety and economic production of entire power plant project;

(2) From the view of operation personnel in power plant, they should have accurate judgment to equipment abnormality and failure, make scientific analysis on power plant maintenance process, and find and handle abnormal accidents in time;

(3) Dangerous point analysis and accidents anticipation during operation are both important skills and qualities required for operation personnel in power plant, which can make sure operation status of equipment and main production line in good circulation.

(4) Operation personnel in power plant should constantly grasp the operation status of unit and equipment, immediately make accurate response and necessary emergency measures for power plant maintenance aiming at problems of every step.

(5) The production management standard of all kinds of electric power EPC contract is the professional knowledge that operation personnel in power plant must grasp accurately and skillfully, which has the decisive effect on the perception to abnormal state of operation procedures.

Secondly, instill service consciousness to operation managers in power plant:

(1) Doing the good job on defect management to make all kinds of equipment in good operation status is the important guarantee to safe operation of unit and maintenance of power plant.

(2) Aiming at the operation management of large-capacity unit, operation personnel in power plant need to enhance the activation rate of I&C automatic adjustment and protections, which can make operation personnel reduce unnecessary consumable operation to greatly improve working efficiency of power operation maintenance.

(3) Operation personnel in power plant should have regular work procedures and specific, clear and quantitative written tasks, and reasonably arrange work plan to avoid mis-operation or repetitive operation;

Thirdly, fulfill "two-permit three-system" working system:

(1) Operation permit management system is a vitally important link of operation and maintenance management in centralized control power plant. In order to make sure electrical operation responsibilities are clear and the professional level of technical management is accurate, implementation of division management to electrical operation and necessary on-the-job training for power plant maintenance should draw more attention;

(2) Adhere to work permit management and completely eliminate the occurrence of working without work permit. Thus, the approval procedure of work permit should be strictly controlled even though operation personnel in power plant do not need to do measure work or other technical works related to power plant maintenance and I&C part.

(3) Shift takeover system for operation and maintenance personnel in power plant must be made with clear responsibility and Stylization. The take-over shift must sign off and take over the shift after complete inspection to operating condition of equipment. At the same time, the hand-over shift should make a summarized analysis report about this shift to help improving working quality of power plant operation and maintenance;

(4) Perfect the patrol-inspection system executed by operation personnel in power plant. Find problems in time during supervision and make an analytic judgment to operating parameters change. Know operating condition of equipment clearly and thoroughly.

Finally, pay more attention to the skills training of operation personnel in power plant:

(1) Business basis of operation personnel in power plant is the understanding and using of power plant operation code, safety code and maintenance;

(2) When any abnormality occurs during equipment operation, the accurate and skillful grasp to equipment structure and system operation principle can help operation personnel in power plant to judge accurately and eliminate faults with scientific methods, in order to make sure maintenance work is performed under good condition.

(3) Power plant operation is a continuous circulating process, which requires highly to timeliness, pertinence and execution of operation personnel in power plant. Operation personnel should strive to keep every step of equipment operation in mind.

After years of efforts, in terms of business strength in power plant operation and maintenance field, O&M Power has reached international level and is called as the best partner of "Turn-key project" by China electric power equipment manufacturers and international power plant EPC contractors.

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