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   Operation Service
Introduction to Operation Services
1.Contracting of Power Plant Operation Project
2.Technical Guidance of Power Plant Operation and Maintenance
3.Technical Service for Production Preparation and Operation of Power Plant
4.New Energy Power Plant and Biomass Power Plant Projects
Operation business contacts
    3.Technical Service for Production Preparation and Operation of Power Plant

Production Preparation refers to the technical preparation work carried out by O&M Power in accordance with the Contract. It mainly includes providing the Owner required production manuals, technical standards, production management procedure and documents, and institution of management policies. In addition, O&M Power offers training to staff (including overseas). These are of fundamental importance for newly built power plants.

O&M Power provides operation & maintenance manuals, system drawings and regulations in multi-language, which helps to institutionalize integrated, standardized and management system for operation, maintenance and safety production of power plant. O&M Power has a professional team for compiling manuals and ensures the completeness and preciseness of the technical manuals. O&M Power has made great efforts and paid great attention to this key technical service.

For example, shift handover management system in power plant is shown as follows:

1. Shift handover management system is a magnificent system which guarantees safe, economical and continuous operation of power plant. Each operation personnel shall carry it out strictly and thoroughly.

2. Shift handover shall be performed punctually. All operation personnel in shift shall be unified and serious to carry out shift handover. Day shift: 8:00-16:00; middle shift: 16:00-24:00; night shift: 24:00-8:00.

3. Shift personnel shall be neatly dressed and energetic. Shift leader shall ask the shift personnel who drank alcohol 8 hours before the shift started or was obviously in poor mental state to withdraw from the site and report it to responsible person of Operation Department immediately. 

4.Takeover personnel shall arrive at site 15 minutes early, get in the shift handover place guided by shift leader, listen to the representation by last shift leader, and then perform the corresponding handover. After listening to the introduction to operation conditions by handover shift leader, takeover personnel shall look up relevant records, be aware of the operation mode and equipment conditions, and conduct specific inspection on equipment in responsible area according to the division of work:

(1) Check the shift record;

(2) Be aware of operation mode and precautions, and check if the simulated picture is the same as the real operation mode;

(3) Be aware of the maintenance and improvement conditions of equipment;

(4) Check the secondary loop alteration and protection activation/deactivation conditions; 

(5) Check equipment defects and solutions;

(6) Check the safety measures took in maintenance;

(7) Check equipment defects, maintenance conditions, safety measures, fault conditions, solutions and results. 

(8) Check orders and instructions from superior authority and circulation paper. Sign the names on log book both.

5. Shift handover personnel shall perform corresponding handover. It shall be serious, careful, thorough and clear. The items should be inspected according to relevant regulations in power plant.

6. Before handover, the handover personnel shall thoroughly inspect the equipment in responsible area 30 minutes early, fill up all the relevant records, clean the equipment and the site, arrange all kinds of technical records, count the drawings, materials, common tools, instruments, keys, safety protective devices and sign boards to create good conditions for shift handover and provide convenience for next shift.  

7. Within half an hour before or after shift handover, avoid complicated operation (except for dispatching command). Handover shall be performed after the operation has been completed if there is failure, fault or major operation.

8. If failure occurs during the process of handover, it shall be in the charge of handover shift personnel to eliminate the fault and takeover shift personnel shall give assistance under the command of handover shift leader.  

9. After handover, handover shift leader shall log out from the computer monitoring system and takeover shift leader shall log in.

10. After handover, current shift leader shall hold post-shift meeting and conclude the work of current shift.

11.In responsible spirit for work, shift handover personnel shall conduct "3 Don`ts for Handover" and "4 Don`ts for Takeover".

12. Personnel of both shifts shall be on site when carrying out shift handover. Handover procedures shall be finished after signature of takeover shift personnel and then handover shift personnel. The division of responsibility depends on the time limit of signature of takeover shift personnel.

13.If takeover shift personnel haven`t come, handover shift personnel shall stay at posts and shall leave after takeover shift personnel arrive and handover procedures are carried out. 

14.Shift handover shall be performed politely. Handover shift personnel shall actively answer and solve the problems proposed by takeover personnel. If the questions cannot be answered, handover personnel shall patiently explain or report to higher authority for solutions.

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