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   Commissioning Service
1.Introduction to Commissioning Services
2.Commissioning Technical Services of Boiler Specialty
3.Commissioning Technical Services of Turbine Specialty
4.Commissioning Technical Services of Chemical Specialty
5.Commissioning Technical Services of Electrical Specialty
6.Commissioning Technical Services of I&C Specialty
7.Contact information of commissioning services:
    1.Introduction to Commissioning Services

Commissioning technical service provided by O&M Power refers to individual commissioning, system-by-system commissioning and whole set equipment startup and commissioning for newly-built power plants in accordance with the China National Commissioning Regulations and Standards. The commissioning service covers fossil-fuel fired units, gas turbine units, oil-fired units, gas-fired units, large-scaled CFB units, nuclear chemical units and other new energy units. In the process of ten-year development, O&M Power is capable of providing comprehensive and integral commissioning technical services, especially commissioning services for overseas projects.

Contracting projects of commissioning service mainly include large-scaled coal-fired, CFB, oil-fired, gas turbine, HRSG and new energy power generation units. O&M Power has been awarded with the ISO9000\14000\18000 integrated Certificate and Safety Production Certificate issued by related National Institutions and Power Engineering Commissioning Capability Grade B Qualification Certificate issued by CEC.

Commissioning Center of O&M Power has established research institutions of boiler, turbine, electrical, I&C, chemical, hydropower and environmental protection specialties. O&M Power has rich power plant commissioning technology, operation and management experience and specialized team. Concurrently, it is capable of undertaking multiple commissioning, operation and maintenance projects. With technology accumulation and project experience during the past few years, O&M has processed solid strength in settling intricate technical difficulties, which provides a strong guarantee on quality and goals of international power EPC project.

By the end of 2014, O&M Power has successfully commenced and accomplished more than 30 key energy construction projects in foreign countries such as Sudan, Nigeria, Botswana, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Central Asia and South America and more than 50 national projects. Therefore, O&M Power has been honored as the First Choice Chinese Contractor by overseas clients and judged as the Best Partner in Turnkey Projects by international EPC contractor.

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