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Overseas Representative Achievements
large-scale thermal power project
Introduction of Operation for Large-scaled CFB Unit Contract Projects
Introduction of Chemical System of Nuclear Power Plant
Gas Turbine Power Generation Operation Contract Project
Introduction of Seawater Desalination Project
Introduction of Power Transmission and Distribution Project
New Energy Projects and Technological Innovation
    Overseas Representative Achievements

O&M POWER has hitherto commenced and accomplished more than 20 key power projects in countries such as Indonesia, Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Botswana, Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, Laos, Tajikistan, Guatemala, Indian and Turkey, and more than 30 national projects. Overseas clients have honored O&M POWER as the First Choice Chinese Contractor. Moreover, O&M POWER has been judged the Best Partner in Turnkey Projects by Chinese power industry equipment manufacturers, exporters, and international EPC contractors.

Following decades of continuous effort, Shaanxi Operation & Maintenance Power Co., Ltd.  (O&M POWER), one of the earliest international enterprises in China that offers outstanding power engineering services in the overseas market, has established a complete industry chain on power construction and operation services and has rich international power project operation outsourcing service experience, The Head Office of O&M POWER is located in Floor 3, Building C, Hangchuang International Square, Shenzhou No.4 Road, Xi`an Aerospace Base. In May 8, 2015 the company obtained the approval of "NEW THREE BOARD" listing, and in May 28, 2015 it was formally listed, the stock code: 832505. O&M Power is the first enterprise who is engaged in power operation technical service and is listed in the "new three board".

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